Oct 1

Certified Marketing Consultant (CMC) Credential
Certified Marketing Consultant 1/2 Price Offer Extended to September 30th 2015 by Popular Demand

Found this in my mail this week. Almost died. Sent it to two of my mentors that have been in MLM for years and year’s and this was their reply…..

I wonder if they got the idea by spinning the wheel at


Thanks for the laff and thanks for the offer, but we’ll stick with our chosen title of
Magnificent Magical Manure Manipulators

Bob and Anna Bassett are the two most amazing mentors I know always tell the truth and never pile on the bullshit.

For me I just know what to say, the first few things that come to mind are…… who is the accrediting body? School? government? Who????? Is this another way to make a quick buck? When I clicked the link it took me to a page to take my money!!!

Ok i’m done with it, back to making money, see you on amazon/ebay, yeah no certification needed. MAKE MONEY NO MALARKEY!!!!

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Sep 10

Some great info from the master of talking to prospects…..

Hi – Tom “Big Al” Schreiter here.

So what happened to those other people?

Do you remember the day you joined network marketing? Maybe you were a guest at an opportunity meeting or presentation. But you and I were not the only guests. Some of the guests made a decision “not to join” … but we made a decision to join.

So what happened to those people who turned down a chance to do network marketing? Well, they made a decision to keep their lives the same. For many people that means:

  • Being awakened by an alarm clock ringing.

  • Not enough sleep.

  • Five or six days a week spoken for, with only a day or two to call their own.

  • Accepting whatever the boss decides to pay.

  • Limited holidays.

  • And … no hope for a change in their situation.

“No hope for change” is pretty depressing. For some, they have given up all hope and are just waiting to die.

Even if we are just starting our business, or even if we are barely moving forward in our business, we have hope. Hope is a great feeling to have. Network marketing is worth it for many, just because it brings hope.


Give those that did not join the opportunity to have their dreams join me here and then help others!!!!

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Sep 3

What are your dreams. here’s mine and the program I’m using to fulfill my dreams.



Now some information on the loss of money that kills your dream.

I have followed a team leader that spoke of truth, honesty and how it will lead to success. Yes I drank the kool-aid!!!

While I have been writing this blog since March of 2007, as I stated it has been about educating anyone about network marketing, I started with a health and wellness company that all networkers know.

After reading a book I realized that that company would never pay me my worth. I got involved in a mentoring program which you will see links to on this blog but beware YOU WILL NOT receive personal help from me by clicking the links as I have left the program so the links will lead to anther mentor that will, I guarantee, try to recruit you into a program.

My second company, a health and wellness company, had great products like many companies do, But did not have the momentum to do the necessary growth, plus a great payplan and we thought it would last for generations…..NOPE  NOPE NOPE. we got sold out to my third company. Now that was a complete loss of trust for me of the companies and teams leadership.

I so remember being on 100’s of calls being told with 100’s of others that the worst things a company can do to it’s distributor’s is and I quote “big building’s, private jet’s, high salary executives, ect. ect. ect. and now today I saw a news article saying the owner gave 3 million to a college basketball team but he could not see clear enough to bring forward outstanding nutritional items from the company that the leaders sold us out.

Is that watching out for the distributors as we were taught by our team leader? NOPE NOPE NOPE. I could go on about this but that’s not what this blog is about. If i wanted to rant I’d take it to facebook.

Your true path to the dream comes from the ability to make the money by yourself without depending on a downline for your pay. In DSD this is the goal but there is an affiliate program if you want to sponsor.

Join me here

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Sep 1


DsDomination will teach you how to live and make money and even if DSD went down the toilet and your downline disappeared you would still have the ability to make great money from your DSD training. I have found a way to live my life would you like the same chance?


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Aug 25

* “Hey, I have a 15-minute commercial about how wonderful my business is. Do you want to hear it?”

* “I bet you don’t run into any advertising when you go on the Internet. How about going to my website and watching a ten-minute commercial about how wonderful my company is?”

* “I know you have lots of free time. Can you cancel everything you have going on this evening and come to the local hotel and listen to a 60-minute commercial about my business opportunity?”

Ask advertising executives why they make commercials only 15 seconds long. Their answer? It is hard to keep anyone’s attention for more than 15 seconds. Even if they use the best video, the best actors, the best script, the best graphics … it is still difficult to keep anyone’s attention for more than 15 seconds.

What does this mean? It means if your going to recruit friends neighbors and relatives into a program so they can build the future they want for themselves and their family make sure they can succeed, its that simple, this is about everybody’s future not just your family but all that join in business.

Why does MLM not work..everyone needs to know, don’t you?


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Aug 6

Why is DSD good for your success and MLM is a scam!

An explanation of the failure of MLM!!!

See DSD Here!!!!

PRLog Press Release 

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Aug 4

Online sales account in almost a billion dollars a day in the U.S. alone and it’s rising every day. Simple as that, do you want your portion?

This blog has been dedicated to training and the discovery of why so many fail, starting today it will be an informational site for people that are willing to take the steps and see the truth of online money making!!


Click the photo and watch the video that changed my mind forever.

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Apr 24


This afternoon I awoke from a nap wondering what to post. I opened my inyourfacebook  app and started to roll first I came upon people I might know……. A consultant at XXXXXXX Australia, Independant Member at XXXX XXXXXX, Chief Nertworking Officer, Owner at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.com, Coach at XXXXXXXXX Global Internet Entrepreneur at Partner/Owner, Online Creating LIFESTYLES at XXXXXX XXX XXXX XXXXX Creation, Team Leader at an online Financial Freedom, ok the last one but I could go on and on ready?? CEO / Certified funnel expert. 

Oy Vey Moisha!!!!! So many titles so many experts and here’s the real kicker this one was on my news feed, 

HEY HEY HEY I am selling my personal spot in an incredible company. My personal upline is the most incredible on the planet. I have XXX members in the downline…….

There was more but unimportant at this moment..what is important? I cannot express strongly enough that you find a system that will free you from this web of BXXX XXXT….

DsDomination will teach you how to live and make money and even if DSD went down the toilet and your downline disappeared you would still have the ability to make great money from your DSD training. I have found a way to live my life would you like the same chance? 


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Apr 23



* “Don’t waste your life on your job. Do something now.”

* “Make every Monday part of an extended weekend.”

* “Help others – earn money.”

* “Send postcards to your skeptical friends from your world travels.”

Headlines easy peasy!!!! lets be serious for a moment…have you ever been to a therapist? now thats a really personal question!! Here’s why I ask, if you know someone who has did they follow the advice given by the therapist? Most do not thats because people will do what they want no matter what anybody tells them.

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Apr 21



Try this simple sentence when talking to a prospect. Say, “So what would you like to know first?”

This sentence takes all the pressure off of you and your prospect. This sentence turns our stiff presentation into a conversation. Much more friendly.

Here is what is exciting. Your prospect is thinking, “Hey, you are not a salesman. Salesmen talk and talk and talk, and never let me say anything. You are asking me to talk. Wow.”

It gets better. Now your prospect will be asking the exact questions he wants to know, and this relieves you from having to tell the prospect everything. 

I can easily teach you everything you need to know, no cost, its simple, what to say what to do, I have learned from the best and spent the money. The only thing you need to do is to be sure that when you build you won’t lose your team, your income. If you don’t know HOW YOU CAN LOSE THOSE THINGS I CAN TELL YOU THAT TOO!!!


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