Apr 24


This afternoon I awoke from a nap wondering what to post. I opened my inyourfacebook  app and started to roll first I came upon people I might know……. A consultant at XXXXXXX Australia, Independant Member at XXXX XXXXXX, Chief Nertworking Officer, Owner at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.com, Coach at XXXXXXXXX Global Internet Entrepreneur at Partner/Owner, Online Creating LIFESTYLES at XXXXXX XXX XXXX XXXXX Creation, Team Leader at an online Financial Freedom, ok the last one but I could go on and on ready?? CEO / Certified funnel expert. 

Oy Vey Moisha!!!!! So many titles so many experts and here’s the real kicker this one was on my news feed, 

HEY HEY HEY I am selling my personal spot in an incredible company. My personal upline is the most incredible on the planet. I have XXX members in the downline…….

There was more but unimportant at this moment..what is important? I cannot express strongly enough that you find a system that will free you from this web of BXXX XXXT….

DsDomination will teach you how to live and make money and even if DSD went down the toilet and your downline disappeared you would still have the ability to make great money from your DSD training. I have found a way to live my life would you like the same chance? 


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Apr 23



* “Don’t waste your life on your job. Do something now.”

* “Make every Monday part of an extended weekend.”

* “Help others – earn money.”

* “Send postcards to your skeptical friends from your world travels.”

Headlines easy peasy!!!! lets be serious for a moment…have you ever been to a therapist? now thats a really personal question!! Here’s why I ask, if you know someone who has did they follow the advice given by the therapist? Most do not thats because people will do what they want no matter what anybody tells them.

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Apr 21



Try this simple sentence when talking to a prospect. Say, “So what would you like to know first?”

This sentence takes all the pressure off of you and your prospect. This sentence turns our stiff presentation into a conversation. Much more friendly.

Here is what is exciting. Your prospect is thinking, “Hey, you are not a salesman. Salesmen talk and talk and talk, and never let me say anything. You are asking me to talk. Wow.”

It gets better. Now your prospect will be asking the exact questions he wants to know, and this relieves you from having to tell the prospect everything. 

I can easily teach you everything you need to know, no cost, its simple, what to say what to do, I have learned from the best and spent the money. The only thing you need to do is to be sure that when you build you won’t lose your team, your income. If you don’t know HOW YOU CAN LOSE THOSE THINGS I CAN TELL YOU THAT TOO!!!


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Apr 18

If our first impression is bad, it is hard to regain trust and belief with our prospects.

So, what do we often say in our first sentences with prospects? Random stuff. Not planned. Untrained sequences of words. And because we do this, we are victims of what our prospects think of us.

What would happen if you started with this sequence of words with your prospect?

I am in the global search for entrepreneurial talent, for time freedom and financial freedom, whereby they can increase their residual income and assets through multiple streams of recurring income, by partnering with our international fast-growing company, that has won awards and is listed as a top quality company in someone’s list …

Do you feel the pain? :)

What do you say to get your prospects leaning forward, wanting to have a conversation with you? Have you tested your first sentences? Are they random? Do you just “wing it” depending on your feelings?

If you are at a loss for good first sentences, then you will love my book, First Sentences for Network Marketing: How to Quickly Get Prospects on Your Side.

US readers can find this title here.

UK readers can find this title here.

Canada readers can find this title here.

Australia readers can find this title here.

All other countries, please go to your local Amazon site and search forB00U7U3CFI to locate this title.

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Apr 16


* “Hey, I have a 15-minute commercial about how wonderful my business is. Do you want to hear it?”

* “I bet you don’t run into any advertising when you go on the Internet. How about going to my website and watching a ten-minute commercial about how wonderful my company is?”

* “I know you have lots of free time. Can you cancel everything you have going on this evening and come to the local hotel and listen to a 60-minute commercial about my business opportunity?”

Ask advertising executives why they make commercials only 15 seconds long.

Their answer?

It is hard to keep anyone’s attention for more than 15 seconds. Even if they use the best video, the best actors, the best script, the best graphics … it is still difficult to keep anyone’s attention for more than 15 seconds.

Ask the advertising executives why they don’t make 30-second commercials. They will answer, “It is impossible to keep someone’s attention for 30 seconds. They will get bored and run to the refrigerator to get a beer.”

So, how long is your commercial for your business? Does your presentation last longer than 30 seconds? What about your company video? Is your company video more than 30 seconds? How could we expect people to pay attention to a 10- or 15-minute video?

What about your PowerPoint presentation? Or your flip chart?

Is the presentation at your opportunity meeting more than 30 seconds long?

Do we see a problem yet? Of course. We have a huge problem. If we give videos and literature packs to people to take home, or if we insist on long presentations, we are attempting the almost-impossible feat of keeping our prospects’ attention for more than 30 seconds.

This is why handing out videos, sending people to websites, and long presentations have such poor success in network marketing. Ouch. Maybe not what we want to hear, but it may be what we need to hear.

If this is your current method of operation, you might want to consider a different way of doing your business. So what could you do differently?

You could learn how to talk to prospects in a special way, so that they would make a decision to join your business before they see that long, long commercial.

Now, this is a big leap of skills. But, it is a necessary leap of skills if we want to have the success we dream about.

Are you ready to make a huge leap in your network marketing business? Then, you will want to learn trained sequences of words that achieve these decisions before the long, long commercials.

If you don’t have a good list of trained sequences of words, this little book will give you a great start.

Before we get to the book I want to say I have spent time with Tom on a few occasions, Very smart built huge business, I have even been in business with him and for me the biggest learning curve was what it takes to live the life of residual income. First and foremost you need the downline and it would be good with little or no attrition. to stop attrition people need to make money.

Once you have the program that has low attrition you need to gauge how many it takes to make RESIDUAL 10k a month. To understand how many it takes in your downline simply divide the amount you receive from your co. for each of your downline by 10k. I’m not talking about front or back end bonuses, level bonuses etc. etc. JUST for the distributors use of the product. Most likely it will be between 3000 and 10,000 people!!!

While your building that downline why not have people buying from you!!!!


How To Get Instant Trust, Belief, Influence and Rapport! 13 Ways To Create Open Minds By Talking To The Subconscious Mind.

US readers can find this title here.

UK readers can find this title here.

Canada readers can find this title here.

Australia readers can find this title here.

All other countries, please go to your local Amazon site and search forB00F9HQOMW to locate this title.

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Apr 14

Now, that’s a lot of reasons to do network marketing!
The average person goes to work about 240 days a year. That alone should be enough reason to start building a network marketing business now. That’s 240 days of our lives … every year, given to someone else.
Yes, jobs interfere with our week!
And this doesn’t include the grief of commuting and the aggravation of working for a boss we might hate.
If 240 reasons aren’t enough to motivate a prospect to come and look at a presentation, we might be thinking, “Hey, this prospect has been beaten down by society, his dreams crushed, and his life ripped out of him by his dream-sucking vampire employer.”
Let prospects know they still have a chance for all those dreams they had in high school.
I’LL SHOW YOU!!!!! Click below…this video changed my thoughts and actions towards success. 


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Feb 6


Well what do we do? It’s seems to be mostly lies, 98% fail yet we continue to try and try to live that special dream……. and here’s the point where this learning blog turns the corner to a place where you can learn how to make money in one business.

Now the real question would be….. what happens if the company is sold or shut down, (anybody here ever heard of the FTC shutting a company down? LOL) What if it didn’t matter if the company was running or not? So you might ask how can I have a business without a company?

Simple the company has great support, great software that makes your business easy to run, lots of extras and a tight relationship with two companies that everyone knows. Now that would be nice, but the question remains how could it work without the previous listed support and software? Millions of people do but our software and training is the key, once you learn even if it all shut down you would still have the knowledge to do the business.


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Feb 5

Trapped in MLM…..

Well it’s been 18 months since I posted here. How you all been doing? If you have been following this blog you know its full of great ideas to market any business. I have followed a team leader that spoke of truth, honesty and how it will lead to success. Yes I drank the kool-aid!!!

While I have been writing this blog since March of 2007, as I stated it has been about educating anyone about network marketing, I started with a health and wellness company that all networkers know.

After reading a book I realized that that company would never pay me my worth. I got involved in a mentoring program which you will see links to on this blog but beware YOU WILL NOT receive personal help form me by clicking the links as I have left the program so the links will lead to anther mentor that will, I guarantee, try to recruit you into a program.

My second company, a health and wellness company, had great products like many companies do, But did not have the momentum to do the necessary growth, plus a great payplan and we thought it would last for generations…..NOPE  NOPE NOPE. we got sold out to my third company. Now that was a complete loss of trust for me of the companies and teams leadership.

I so remember being on 100’s of calls being told with 100’s of others that the worst things a company can do to it’s distributor’s is and I quote “big building’s, private jet’s, high salary executives, ect. ect. ect. and now today I saw a news article saying the owner gave 3 million to a college basketball team but he could not see clear enough to bring forward outstanding nutritional items from the company that the leaders sold us out.

Is that watching out for the distributors as we were taught by our team leader? NOPE NOPE NOPE. I could go on about this but thats not what this blog is about. If i wanted to rant I’d take it to facebook.

I will not delete past posts form this blog but the main intent will be the promotion of a way to make money using your PC and the internet….which will be the topic of my next post. Thanks for reading!

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Jul 9

Thanks again to Bob and Anna Bassett, what great mentors!!!

Freddy Firehoser pops up regularly on Skype.  We occasionally like to administer an IQ test just by having a chat.  Here’s a recent exchange with someone who just wasn’t listening …

Freddy Firehoser:  I got something huge brewing!
Bob:  A giant pail of beer?
FF:  better than that
Bob:  Not a cyst, I hope!
FF:  ahaha
Bob:  So when does your hugeness finish fermenting and explode?  And should we be near it or far away?
FF:  its happening now!
Bob:  Wow!  Should I be able to hear it from here?
FF:  hear it here.. this is just the raw version of our webinar … http://longurl.com
Bob:  Do you know about Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter?
FF:  i dont.. but i have a feeling that i am about to find out
Bob:  Only if you want to …
FF:  always!!!  never, ever, turn down an opportunity to learn something new.
Bob:  Big Al says, “Find out if people have a problem they want to do something about with you.”  Here’s a link to his training … http://www.bigalskills.com
FF:  nice … thats why i am leaving my primary … found a way to help anyone to make it
Bob:  To make what? The big brewing thing?
FF:  yeah.. this is the raw webinar. No optin … http://anotherlongerurl.com
Bob:  What was your primary and what’s the name of the new big thing brewing?
FF:  V—— and S—
Bob:  Ah … we know V—— and we’ve heard of S—
FF:  we are positioning for explosive growth!  we are just taking names right now
Bob:  Do you give them back after the explosion?
FF:  u know that great product, comp, and timing equals success..
Bob:  Do I?  Yes, I guess I do.  We call it the five pillars.  There are two other pillars necessary.
FF:  Nice
Bob:  So what happens to my name if you take it?
FF:  Mobile now
Bob:  My name becomes Mobile now?  I think I like Bob better, thanks.
fortFF:  We will be having a team hangout
Bob:  When I was a kid, we built a fort.  Will it be like that?
FF:  That’s why we need u!
Bob:  You need me?  Is that the best way to market? Start with YOUR need?
FF:  Having a seasoned marketer in the team will be a great asset
Bob:  Back to Big Al:  “Find out if someone has a problem they want to solve with you.”
FF:  Have a lot to learn from u … I really mean it
Bob:  I take that seriously.  If you are serious about learning how to approach people, just let us know …
FF:  I sure will!
Bob:  Should we set an appointment?
FF:  Out and about now… We’ll catch up later
Bob:  Up to you … we’ll be here!

Freddy Firehoser never got back to us.  Perhaps breathless enthusiasm is the same as brainless enthusiasm.  Perhaps he forgot that he never ever turned down the opportunity to learn something new.  Perhaps … oh, never mind … we’ll never ever figure out the firehosers.

And lucky for us, we don’t have to.  All we have to do is find people who are looking for more and help them find it.

If you’d like to know how Big Al finds those volunteers with no firehosing, you might want to check out Big Al Skills or join the forum for MLM professionals at Big Al Training.


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Jul 5

Thank You to Bob Anna Bassett for a CLEAR LOOK AT THE TRUTH!!!!

“What’s the harm in showing off my big cardboard check? I’m proud of it and I’m going to post it on my profile!”


The harm is that you could lose your distributorship and you could place your company in jeopardy with the FTC. And if your company goes down, so does your distributorship. That’s the harm.

You may think that because you’re an ‘independent’ distributor you do not have to read, understand and follow all the guidelines and restrictions placed on you. You are not independent or exempt from the law.

You may think that because Facebook and Twitter and YouTube are such fun places you can post and say whatever you want.

If you think that, you are wrong and you can do great damage, not just to yourself, but to thousands of others who will be affected when your company is taken to task or taken out by the FTC for allowing you to do and say what you want.

In every other part of our lives, we are governed by strict rules to protect ourselves, our families, our employers and employees, our companies and the public. Why should that be any different in network marketing? Let’s all grow up and read the rules. Then let’s grow up some more and abide by them.

Start with your Policies and Procedures. Every good MLM contract we’ve read forbids enticement of any kind.

grimesandreeseGrimes and Reese is a well respected law firm providing legal services to dozens of direct selling and network marketing companies. Click here for their powerful article about what we CANNOT SAY OR DO.

Some highlights:

Direct sellers MUST understand that they are responsible for all the social chatter that goes on. The FTC has made it clear in its testimonials and endorsements guidelines that it will hold a business responsible for statements and representations made by anyone with a “material connection” to a company. Guess what – your distributors definitely have a material connection to your company, and you are responsible for what they are saying!

What does this mean to you?

If your company is responsible and intends to stay in business for the next hundred years, it will have a compliance department keeping an eye open for any distributor violating any law. They usually contact you politely to ask you to remove any non-compliant material or cease any non-compliant behavior like flashing checks or making illegal product claims.

If you do not comply, you should and will be terminated. The company must protect itself for the greater good – the future of all distributors, owners and management.

The company knows that the FTC will not take the time to prosecute individuals. The FTC will prosecute the company to eliminate the problem in the most efficient way. Taking out the company will take out the offending distributors.

Early in 2013, the FTC moved against and shut down Fortune Hi Tech Marketing. Among the evidence used against FHTM, the FTC cited the following (from the Grimes and Reese article):

  • A Tweet wherein an FHTM distributor allegedly states: “bring ur friends & learn how 2 make $100K a YR.”

  • Photos of a check presentation ceremony

  • Distributor photos of their commission checks

  • A claim by a top level FHTM distributor on Twitter that he made more than $5 million through FHTM.

chimpMoneyAre we starting to get it here? If you are a serious business builder and not a hobbyist or scammer, let’s work together to stop this moronic behavior that gets us all into trouble and gives the industry a bad name.

Enticement is illegal and should be eliminated.

Paul Orberson of FHTM defied the law for years, and was taken down in 2013. Don’t let your company be next. If you see non-compliant behavior, don’t hesitate to report it to your compliance department. Your future is at stake.



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