Feb 6


Well what do we do? It’s seems to be mostly lies, 98% fail yet we continue to try and try to live that special dream……. and here’s the point where this learning blog turns the corner to a place where you can learn how to make money in one business.

Now the real question would be….. what happens if the company is sold or shut down, (anybody here ever heard of the FTC shutting a company down? LOL) What if it didn’t matter if the company was running or not? So you might ask how can I have a business without a company?

Simple the company has great support, great software that makes your business easy to run, lots of extras and a tight relationship with two companies that everyone knows. Now that would be nice, but the question remains how could it work without the previous listed support and software? Millions of people do but our software and training is the key, once you learn even if it all shut down you would still have the knowledge to do the business.


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Feb 5

Trapped in MLM…..

Well it’s been 18 months since I posted here. How you all been doing? If you have been following this blog you know its full of great ideas to market any business. I have followed a team leader that spoke of truth, honesty and how it will lead to success. Yes I drank the kool-aid!!!

While I have been writing this blog since March of 2007, as I stated it has been about educating anyone about network marketing, I started with a health and wellness company that all networkers know.

After reading a book I realized that that company would never pay me my worth. I got involved in a mentoring program which you will see links to on this blog but beware YOU WILL NOT receive personal help form me by clicking the links as I have left the program so the links will lead to anther mentor that will, I guarantee, try to recruit you into a program.

My second company, a health and wellness company, had great products like many companies do, But did not have the momentum to do the necessary growth, plus a great payplan and we thought it would last for generations…..NOPE  NOPE NOPE. we got sold out to my third company. Now that was a complete loss of trust for me of the companies and teams leadership.

I so remember being on 100’s of calls being told with 100’s of others that the worst things a company can do to it’s distributor’s is and I quote “big building’s, private jet’s, high salary executives, ect. ect. ect. and now today I saw a news article saying the owner gave 3 million to a college basketball team but he could not see clear enough to bring forward outstanding nutritional items from the company that the leaders sold us out.

Is that watching out for the distributors as we were taught by our team leader? NOPE NOPE NOPE. I could go on about this but thats not what this blog is about. If i wanted to rant I’d take it to facebook.

I will not delete past posts form this blog but the main intent will be the promotion of a way to make money using your PC and the internet….which will be the topic of my next post. Thanks for reading!

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Jul 9

Thanks again to Bob and Anna Bassett, what great mentors!!!

Freddy Firehoser pops up regularly on Skype.  We occasionally like to administer an IQ test just by having a chat.  Here’s a recent exchange with someone who just wasn’t listening …

Freddy Firehoser:  I got something huge brewing!
Bob:  A giant pail of beer?
FF:  better than that
Bob:  Not a cyst, I hope!
FF:  ahaha
Bob:  So when does your hugeness finish fermenting and explode?  And should we be near it or far away?
FF:  its happening now!
Bob:  Wow!  Should I be able to hear it from here?
FF:  hear it here.. this is just the raw version of our webinar … http://longurl.com
Bob:  Do you know about Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter?
FF:  i dont.. but i have a feeling that i am about to find out
Bob:  Only if you want to …
FF:  always!!!  never, ever, turn down an opportunity to learn something new.
Bob:  Big Al says, “Find out if people have a problem they want to do something about with you.”  Here’s a link to his training … http://www.bigalskills.com
FF:  nice … thats why i am leaving my primary … found a way to help anyone to make it
Bob:  To make what? The big brewing thing?
FF:  yeah.. this is the raw webinar. No optin … http://anotherlongerurl.com
Bob:  What was your primary and what’s the name of the new big thing brewing?
FF:  V—— and S—
Bob:  Ah … we know V—— and we’ve heard of S—
FF:  we are positioning for explosive growth!  we are just taking names right now
Bob:  Do you give them back after the explosion?
FF:  u know that great product, comp, and timing equals success..
Bob:  Do I?  Yes, I guess I do.  We call it the five pillars.  There are two other pillars necessary.
FF:  Nice
Bob:  So what happens to my name if you take it?
FF:  Mobile now
Bob:  My name becomes Mobile now?  I think I like Bob better, thanks.
fortFF:  We will be having a team hangout
Bob:  When I was a kid, we built a fort.  Will it be like that?
FF:  That’s why we need u!
Bob:  You need me?  Is that the best way to market? Start with YOUR need?
FF:  Having a seasoned marketer in the team will be a great asset
Bob:  Back to Big Al:  “Find out if someone has a problem they want to solve with you.”
FF:  Have a lot to learn from u … I really mean it
Bob:  I take that seriously.  If you are serious about learning how to approach people, just let us know …
FF:  I sure will!
Bob:  Should we set an appointment?
FF:  Out and about now… We’ll catch up later
Bob:  Up to you … we’ll be here!

Freddy Firehoser never got back to us.  Perhaps breathless enthusiasm is the same as brainless enthusiasm.  Perhaps he forgot that he never ever turned down the opportunity to learn something new.  Perhaps … oh, never mind … we’ll never ever figure out the firehosers.

And lucky for us, we don’t have to.  All we have to do is find people who are looking for more and help them find it.

If you’d like to know how Big Al finds those volunteers with no firehosing, you might want to check out Big Al Skills or join the forum for MLM professionals at Big Al Training.


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Jul 5

Thank You to Bob Anna Bassett for a CLEAR LOOK AT THE TRUTH!!!!

“What’s the harm in showing off my big cardboard check? I’m proud of it and I’m going to post it on my profile!”


The harm is that you could lose your distributorship and you could place your company in jeopardy with the FTC. And if your company goes down, so does your distributorship. That’s the harm.

You may think that because you’re an ‘independent’ distributor you do not have to read, understand and follow all the guidelines and restrictions placed on you. You are not independent or exempt from the law.

You may think that because Facebook and Twitter and YouTube are such fun places you can post and say whatever you want.

If you think that, you are wrong and you can do great damage, not just to yourself, but to thousands of others who will be affected when your company is taken to task or taken out by the FTC for allowing you to do and say what you want.

In every other part of our lives, we are governed by strict rules to protect ourselves, our families, our employers and employees, our companies and the public. Why should that be any different in network marketing? Let’s all grow up and read the rules. Then let’s grow up some more and abide by them.

Start with your Policies and Procedures. Every good MLM contract we’ve read forbids enticement of any kind.

grimesandreeseGrimes and Reese is a well respected law firm providing legal services to dozens of direct selling and network marketing companies. Click here for their powerful article about what we CANNOT SAY OR DO.

Some highlights:

Direct sellers MUST understand that they are responsible for all the social chatter that goes on. The FTC has made it clear in its testimonials and endorsements guidelines that it will hold a business responsible for statements and representations made by anyone with a “material connection” to a company. Guess what – your distributors definitely have a material connection to your company, and you are responsible for what they are saying!

What does this mean to you?

If your company is responsible and intends to stay in business for the next hundred years, it will have a compliance department keeping an eye open for any distributor violating any law. They usually contact you politely to ask you to remove any non-compliant material or cease any non-compliant behavior like flashing checks or making illegal product claims.

If you do not comply, you should and will be terminated. The company must protect itself for the greater good – the future of all distributors, owners and management.

The company knows that the FTC will not take the time to prosecute individuals. The FTC will prosecute the company to eliminate the problem in the most efficient way. Taking out the company will take out the offending distributors.

Early in 2013, the FTC moved against and shut down Fortune Hi Tech Marketing. Among the evidence used against FHTM, the FTC cited the following (from the Grimes and Reese article):

  • A Tweet wherein an FHTM distributor allegedly states: “bring ur friends & learn how 2 make $100K a YR.”

  • Photos of a check presentation ceremony

  • Distributor photos of their commission checks

  • A claim by a top level FHTM distributor on Twitter that he made more than $5 million through FHTM.

chimpMoneyAre we starting to get it here? If you are a serious business builder and not a hobbyist or scammer, let’s work together to stop this moronic behavior that gets us all into trouble and gives the industry a bad name.

Enticement is illegal and should be eliminated.

Paul Orberson of FHTM defied the law for years, and was taken down in 2013. Don’t let your company be next. If you see non-compliant behavior, don’t hesitate to report it to your compliance department. Your future is at stake.



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Jun 25

Stories are great for building your business, so before you tell them all about the owners and the great comp plan and the out standing products you can get them to say yes before you tell them any of that stuff, save it for training….tell them a story….use this one if you want….

“So here’s what happens when you join my business, after about 9 months you’ll go into your bosses office, sit down and put your feet up on his desk and tell him that you cant make time for him or your job anymore, that if he needs you he can call you on Wednesdays between 9-10am and thank him for his time, then you go to your desk box up your stuff and wave goodbye to all your co-workers who said you could never do it. Go out to your new car drive to the bank to deposit yet another residual paycheck and go home to sit next to your pool and relax….and thats what happens when you join our business…….
Thanks to Tom “Big Al” Schreiter for the best training in network marketing!!!


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Apr 16

Thanks Bob and Anna Bassett for more amazing insight to this amazing industry!!

You don’t have to spend more than a few minutes on InYourFacebook or LinkedIn to hear drivel and dreck and outright moronic things that turn everyone off and ensure that no one will ever do business with you.


Here are some stupid phrases that you should NEVER use anywhere.  Ever.  This is a list we made in just seven days of collecting bull from the barrage by frenzied firehosers:

  1. No competition!

  2. The Only Networking Company In The World Conquering New $100 Billion Dollar Market!

  3. People are already making $15,000.00 a month.

  4. Major heads up!  You probably have never even heard about this before (its that GOOD).

  5. It’s a new website that’s already got over 5,000 people making $70 Every 60 Seconds!  How does making $70 EVERY 60 Seconds sound to you?

  6. Watch THIS!!!!

  7. After you go to the link above, you will be able to tap into something that is FREE until Tomorrow.  Just make sure you visit and grandfather yourself in before tomorrow.  Don’t miss out.

  8. THE FEEDING FRENZY OF 2013!  Call me today and see what the frenzy is all about.

  9. We can’t sleep at night!  Will you start losing sleep over it like we were?

  10. It was like a major slap upside the head. So we decided to “slap” a few other people.

  11. This is red hot, a hands down winner.

  12. End of the Line for Home Business as Usual!??

  13. Joining this opportunity is a no brainer.

  14. Fat Cats, you can either join this thing now with your organization or later under it!

  15. The fact is, it’s not even an option for anyone to just blow this off. That would be financial suicide.

  16. Almost every major corporation in the world is already involved with this company.

  17. GoldMineTrolleyIf you can’t beat ‘em you better join ‘em, or suffer the consequences.  We urge you not to ignore any of this.  That would most certainly injure you financially.  Join this company or you are finished.

  18. This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Don’t miss out on this goldmine.

  19. The most spectacular opportunity you have ever seen and … The Big Money!

  20. A stunning turn of events – the first time in modern history.

  21. Only a limited number of business partners will be allowed to enter the ground floor phase of this opportunity.

  22. This thing is so far off in a class by itself that we’re not even sure what to call it!

  23. This exotic European giant is forever going to change the face of this industry.

  24. Risk free URGENT Game Changer!

  25. Opportunity of a lifetime for those who join, and a home business death knell for those who don’t.

  26. Timming is important for the new zeek which beeb offshore. [wha?]

  27. Of course it is legitimate.

  28. It is free in the prelunch [sic] time, of course it isn’t good if the offer still free for ever!

  29. It’s free to sign up Free to sign up others.  You can earn without refer others.

  30. It’s offshore registered company so secure from unfair shut down issues.

  31. You can earn without a downline by giving away free samples.

  32. This new program is spreading online very quickly that the co-founder is already planning to put the limit on the number of founding members.

  33. Better hurry up before they shut it down.

  34. 200% commissions!

  35. Automated Success!  The team does the work & you get paid.

  36. Make around $98,437.48 a month & $1,181,249,78.00 (that’s well over $1M) a year!

  37. As seen on ABC, CNN and CBS NEWS!  Endorsed by Oprah and Dr. Oz!

  38. No More Selling, No More Prospecting, No More Phone Calls, No More Meetings, No More Parties, No Experience Needed, No More Autoships, No More Rejection, No More EMPTY Bank Accounts!

  39. 15000 joined in the first 48 hours.  If the link don’t work today it is because they are migrating to a larger server.

  40. Voted #1 Marketing System in 2012.

  41. typewriter cardSimply process 10 emails per day and earn $150 per day.

  42. Why does Everyone absolutely Love This.

  43. We are capitalizing on the shape of the economy.  Low low price point!

  44. World’s Most Powerful PENNY MATRIX Included!

  45. Explode your income!

  46. This will blow every other program away!

  47. Ground Level Opportunity!


  49. A free no fee club whose purpose is to provide total global freedom in every way you could possibly define the word freedom to all human beings.

  50. Now I know you’ve been anxiously waiting to get on one of my private webinars, where I reveal all of my ninja methods and strategies.  With that said, I am about to unveil my hidden Money Effect that has caused me to have so much duplication in my teams and made me the top recruiter in my primary the last 2 months, along with having unheard of conversions in all my offers.  I’ve cracked the code.

  51. The big dogs from all of the major companies such as Amway, and many more of the MLM companies out there are moving to us like a stampede of bulls because they know this is the one and ONLY big thing right now.

  52. I found a way to “get even” with the financial market!  This dude is just crazy, he will teach you how you can make up to $87 every minute! No string attached and zero risk for you! and the best fact, its 100% free.  Check it out before it runs out!

  53. I’m going to show you how to use the law of ‘Scarcity’ to become great in your business.

  54. An Error In The Internet Has Been Found So Monopolize On It To Make Money.

  55. CASH. And FAST.  Who doesn’t want to earn an extra $500-1000 whenever they feel like it?

  56. This revolutionary program is an overlay of all others, removing all the traditional stall points for new distributors.  It’s a pure model marketing initiative, a trifecta plan for the person of today.  This undergirding layered approach will be a historic build despite low engagement levels – guaranteed no risk with a multifaceted income lead, product lead campaign.  [huh?]

  57. “I’m a professional thief!”  [Thanks to Oz of Behind MLM for this link!]


Have you read or heard any good ones lately?  Please add them in the comment section below.  Thanks!

That’s a good list of what NOT to say.  If you’d like to learn WHAT to say, you might want to learn some ice breakers and opening sentences that put your prospects at ease and don’t make you look foolish or desperate. 

Big Al is a master at rejection free prospecting, and you can learn all the skills he teaches in The Big Al Complete Library.  For a free list of 25 Essential Skills for Networkers, visit Big Al Skills.



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Apr 15

The reason for this post is because of FaceBook, now let me tell you why; this is my group on FB “How to build your home business” this group has grown amazingly in the last few months to 6744 members, and I add people everyday. So I’m thinking how many of these 6000+ are reading the others ads? Dam good question and I think we all know the answer.

FEW TO NONE, so what is the purpose and who is telling everyone to do this knowing the results…answer…..GURU’S  and they are taking your $39 $49 $59 $109 dollars a month just to advertise and getting people to join you so you can make a small protion of this money and telling you that ou can promote your main business deal…..HOWS THAT WORKING FOR YA???


Once we get past our warm market, things get tougher. So what do new distributors do?

They try to market to the cold market. They buy leads, get squeeze pages on the Internet, shake hands at networking events, and complain that they can’t find any “hot prospects” who want to join their business.

So what’s wrong?

They don’t know why they are on the wrong path, and they don’t know what to do about it.

Here is a quick way to get them back on track:

I am not refusing success, I am just unable to do it.

A FortuneNow.com subscriber writes:


I’ve been using a few company-provided free leads and I’ve also purchased leads (local market and real-time leads) with little to no success. I’ve also used postcard leads with no success.

Where are the best places to post my business opportunity on the internet to drive potential leads to my website? It seems like every free or economical place to post specifically says NO MLM posts or else …

I’m trying to build my business and I’m getting very discouraged with all the hurdles out there. Any assistance and suggestions you all provide will be greatly appreciated and I thank you so very much in advance!

One more thing – my business is primarily internet and phone driven (nationally) with no face-to-face presentations.

Big Al replied on the Discussion Forum:Leads are just people.

You have tried many types of leads, and none of the leads worked.

That’s the problem. It is not the lead, it is what we say and do with the lead.

Here is my experience. When I first started, nobody was interested. Everyone I talked to was lazy, unmotivated, busy, skeptical, etc.

Hmmm, what was the common denominator here. Me!

I was at the scene of the crime every time :)

It was only after I learned the skills of what to say that my “luck” changed.

I didn’t need more new leads to ruin. I just needed to say the right things.

So give yourself a test.

1. What is the first sentence you say to introduce your business to these leads? Can you write it down? Has it worked?

2. What are the sentences you use to get the leads to agree to listen to your opportunity? Can you write it down? Has it worked?

3. What “Ice Breaker” do you use to get your leads to ask you for a presentation? Can you write it down? Has it worked?

If you can’t write these three things down, chances are this could be one of the problems.

We have to invest the time to learn the skills of our trade/profession.

Want help with this? I can Tom has taught me well and it works for me!!!


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Apr 8


Relationships are great for getting appointments.
However, you might not want to hear the following:
Most prospects buy on wants and personal interests. Most prospects won’t buy something they don’t want just because they have a “relationship” with you.
Prospects want their problems solved. They want things to improve their lives. They want benefits … for them.
It’s great to teach our distributors some relationship skills. But let’s help our distributors even more by teaching them how to help their prospects improve their lives.

Selling is a lot easier than this. All we have to do is:

1. Build trust and rapport.
2. Find out if they have a problem.
3. Make sure they know they have this problem.
4. Ask them if they want to do something about it.

and then,

5. Present our solution.

Really quite simple, easy, and fun.

Nobody wants to hear our solution until they have a problem, know they have a problem, and want to fix their problem.

So wait. Don’t tell your prospect your wonderful solution until they are ready for it.


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Mar 19

Its been a while since I posted, been to busy building my business but I just had to pass this along from my two favorite mentors, such logic and I see it ever day on “In your facebook” Thanks Bob and Anna Bassett!!!!

Downtown at your day job you have to earn promotions.  You start as sweeper and work your way up to gopher to clerk to assistant to sales to sales manager to junior director to senior director to partner to senior partner to CFO to CEO to owner and beyond …

In MLM, you start as Bronze and earn your way up to Silver to Gold to Platinum to Ruby to Emerald to Sapphire to Diamond to Black Diamond to just about every color of rare metal or precious gem found on the planet.

The names are different, but the earning is the same.  Downtown, you get promoted for performance or being someone’s cousin.  In MLM, you get promoted for volume of sales or being a heavy hitter lured over from another company.

How tedious! 

All that messy selling stuff and working with people and producing things of value just to earn a title.  Yuk!  Who wouldn’t want to skip all that and start at the top?

Luckily, we have the Internet, Thesaurus, and Photoshop.  No need to start at the bottom anymore.  All you have to do is give yourself a title and start promoting yourself online. 

No one will know you are a hairstylist, not a visionary entrepreneur.  No one will know you are a taxi driver, not a certified life coach.  No one will know you are an occasional teacher, not a master recruiter.  No one will know you are the CEO of a business consisting of just you working from your kitchen table.

Hairstyling and taxi driving and occasional teaching are all excellent careers and the kitchen table is a perfectly good place to sit, but if you try to pass yourself off as more, you turn yourself into a cartoon – an MLM Emperor!

Click to read a hilarious article by Jeff Haden where he warns against describing yourself with overblown adjectives like ‘world class’ or ‘dynamic.’


The MLM Emperors we’ve met online are not quite as humble as Haden’s bloviators.  Our Emperors have no problem raising themselves to such lofty callings as ‘Quality of Life Advocate and Advisor’ and ‘Extravagant Giver of Life and Hope.’

Now you too can cast your humility aside and start at the top with the best of them!  We’ve collected some real examples from LinkedIn and Facebook and put them into a handy chart so you can create your own MLM Emperor title.

Just choose one or two phrases from each column, string them together shamelessly, and voila!  You are a Creative Compassionate Marketing Guru!  

The MLM Emperor Name Game


Award Winning

Identity Theft






Network Marketing












Quality of Life



Guaranteed Results








Home Based




















Investor In People









Rock Star




Results Oriented

Passion Test






Customer Gathering


Success Based


















World Class




COE – Chief Of Everything



Lead Generation










Mover and Shaker










We would have chosen Magnificent Magical Manure Manipulator but we couldn’t find the parts in the list.

Please share your new favorite highfalutin titles with us in the comments section, and add any ridiculous titles you have found online that we’ve missed.  You can click here to see the titles the emperors have created all on their own.  These are real.  You can’t make this stuff up!

If you’d like your own one page pdf version of the game, click on MLMEmperorNameGame.pdf  Print a few copies and hand them out at your next team meeting.  Within minutes, you’ll have a room full of visionary talent motivators and global performance agents accelerating and practitioning!  A dream come true!


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Jan 22

Click the for an interesting story

So here’s a piece of mail I got today and once again people are just trying to suck money out of the unsuspecting without any care of others……..

Discover the “3 Step Formula” that allows TOP Earners to make as much as 200% MORE MONEY PER CUSTOMER for their Business?
More Leads and More Money for your Business…..
Get In Now!
This Wednesday Jan 23rd at 9pm est it is ALL Unveiled
Register Here and come early because this WILL sell out!


Really? Have we done any research on this before we sheer the flock? I have but I’m not going to get into it here but if you want to know you can ask me and Ill give you a few pages of why you shouldn’t. So this was my answer to the mail.

Wow I didn’t know Norbert Todd and Brian were still sucking money out of people since the empower network came along….If people have good mentors and learn that a big business is built on relationships, unlike we have or you would have not bothered me with this mail, all of networking could be more, if people didn’t get ripped off, more would become involved..thanks for the opportunity.



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