Aug 19

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter is an amazing MLM trainer and my personal friend and mentor. I know from my time spent on Face Book that all you marketers want leads leads leads so here’s a tip from Tom.I had a comment that asked me where I get my training, good question!!! I get it from a group of people that care about ME not the money they can make off of ME, does that sound good to you? would you like to see what its like to have a group of people that care about YOU? Contact me I will help you for free!!!

So where are you going to get new leads for your networking business?

You prospected your family. Now you are banned from weddings and funerals.

You prospected your friends. They won’t return your telephone calls.

You prospected your co-workers. When they see you coming, they walk on the other side of the street.

You’re stuck. You have “nuked” your warm market.

And then you decide to find new prospects over the Internet. That’s sounds like an easy way to go. Just purchase a few thousand hot leads, send them an e-mail, and presto!

Nothing happens.

Why? There could be many reasons.

1. These hot leads thought your e-mail was spam.

2. These hot leads didn’t know, like or trust you.

3. Your e-mail message was boring.

4. These hot leads weren’t so hot. They weren’t good prospects.

5. The web page you sent them to was boring.

Well, there are a lot of factors that could sabotage your “hot leads” e-mail campaign.

So if creating good prospects from total strangers is difficult, maybe it would be easier if we created good prospects from friends and THEIR contacts.

If we start with our friends, they will at least read our e-mails.

The technique.

You can use this technique to build a mailing list or to build an opt-in prospect list. It’s a great way to reach prospects that you don’t know.


By using viral marketing. You are going to allow your initial contacts to spread your message all across the Internet.

Step 1: Create a viral message.

What is the most viral e-mail message that is passed on to friends? Jokes and inspirational stories.

So let’s find a good joke. That’s not hard on the Internet. There are plenty of joke sites.

I am going to pick a joke about bosses. Employees love jokes about bosses. And they will forward my boss joke to other employees.

This is not only viral, it is target marketing. My market is employees who hate their job. So, I am reaching just the right prospects.

Step 2: Create a signature file that will send the readers of your e-mail to your website.

If you are not familiar with signature files, they are the P.S. at the end of your e-mail message.

People are lazy. When they forward (viral) your joke to their friends, they will simply forward the entire e-mail message — including your signature file. Now your signature file (advertisement) is in front of qualified prospects with a smile on their face.

You must make your signature file interesting so that your prospects will have a reason to visit your web site. Here is the exact copy of the signature files I used to create over 2,000 qualified prospects in less than two weeks:

Are men better networkers than women? Here’s proof:

I also used:

P.S. For a laugh and to see my wife’s face, click here:

Both signature files sent people to a short 15-second Flash presentation. (You can see this short presentation in the Members Download Library. Click on the Which Are Better Networkers? link.) The Flash presentation was created by my 15-year-old nephew.

Cost? A six-pack of beer. (Just kidding. His mom wouldn’t let me.) So, I took him to Starbucks as a reward for his one hour of “programming.”

The signature files worked well because:

Are men better networkers than women? Here’s proof:


P.S. For a laugh and to see my wife’s face, click here:

created tension and curiosity. If your teaser lines are boring, they just won’t work.

Because the Flash presentation was funny, people passed on the link to their co-workers and friends. The viral effect was massive.

At the end of the flash presentation was an offer for 77 FREE Tips. About 45% of the viewers subscribed. Now I had 77 more chances to create a relationship with the prospect.

This technique was one of the cheapest, yet most effective way for me to create targeted, qualified prospects.

So what could you use for your signature files? Here are a couple of examples to get you thinking:

• Click here to see which picture looks like you.

• Click here to see a picture of my boss’ face when I told him “I quit.”

• Does your telephone bill look like this? Click here to see a picture of my bill.

• Click here to see a picture of my wife’s stomach.

• Click here to see how a 46-year-old grandmother gets free tickets to visit her grandchildren.

• Want a four-day work-week? Click here to see how.

What do all these examples have in common? They are interesting. They create curiosity. And your readers will be directed to your web site.

So if you want more traffic, want more leads, or just want to build a huge opt-in mailing list, try creating a viral signature file.

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Aug 18

Thanks Bob and Anna, I think this is one of the most important keys to everyone’s success and should be considered very carefully

Sandy Botkin warns, “Before jumping into any opportunity, stop and breathe deeply. Let the enthusiasm cool off. Then begin the process of deciding which company to join by finding the answers to a few questions.” For example …

What is the compensation plan offered?

  • After investigating the quality of the products or services offered by a company, one of the most important considerations is the company’s compensation plan.

  • Comparing compensation plans from one company to another is difficult. (The Perfect Compensation Plan)

  • Companies use a myriad of formulas. One way to simplify the process is to ask:

  • How difficult is it to make it to the top? (The 10k Question)

  • Do you need 5 good lines (active distributors under you) or will 2 lines do?

  • What do you get by acquiring customers vs. acquiring distributors?

  • Customers, not distributors should be the focus of the company.

  • Thus the compensation plan for selling product/services should be at least as generous as that of bringing in new distributors.

  • Are the numbers doable and realistic?

  • Are you pushed to buy a lot of inventory up front to make a higher commission rate? It’s better to try a small amount of product first, see how you like it, see if other people are interested in buying it before investing in large inventory.

  • If you are not satisfied with the compensation plan, you or the people you recruit will not stay long with the company.

  • Even if you stay, you may lose people you have invested time and money in to other companies. (No Pay, No Stay)

What other miscellaneous benefits does the company provide?

  • Does the company offer non-cash rewards?

  • Some companies provide distributors with the equivalent of franchises without a franchise fee.

  • They not only provide marketing materials but also management information, tax information and even an accounting system.

  • Find out what is contained in both the distributor or upgrade kits. Many times the upgrade package may be a much better deal even though it is more exclusive.

This is an excerpt from an excellent article by Sandy Botkin, well known CPA, attorney, and tax advisor to the self employed. To read the full article, click here.

For more questions to ask of an MLM opportunity, click here and look for Pillar Four.

To download the free ebook Success In Ten Steps and get started right, click here.

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Aug 17

Politicians use it.Newscasters use it. Advertisers use it. Shouldn’t you?

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter is the greatest MLM trainer in the world!! How do I know? Because he never tries to get you into a business deal….check everyone of your so called guru’s and sooner or later they try to recruit you, most likely sooner than later and that’s why I know what I know. In the next few weeks and days I will be sharing with you some of Tom’s ideas to help you build YOUR BUSINESS, I hope you can use them and please contact me if you would like some one to one help, I can do that for you for free!! Below is the first of some great training!!!

What am I talking about? I’m talking about “sound bites.”
What are sound bites? They are just little bits of the
conversation that stand out in the prospects’ minds – and these
bits of information are the only things prospects remember.
Here is an example of a sound bite.
When George W. Bush senior was running for president a
few years ago, he made a long campaign speech to a group. One
of the things he said was:
“Read my lips. No new taxes!”
This small part of the speech was reported in the news for
several days. Everyone knew the phrase,
“Read my lips. No new taxes!”
Can you remember anything else from that long speech? No.
All you can remember was the sound bite,
“Read my lips. No new taxes!”

Commercial advertisers know the power of sound bites. They
work hard on catchy phrases, repeat them often, and then hope
that sound bite will stick in your mind. Some examples?
“Winston tastes good like a cigarette should.”
“Things go better with Coke.”
“Burger King: Home of the Whopper.”
“You deserve a break today.”
What is interesting about the above examples is that all of
them were created over 20 years ago! We still remember them.
Sound bites are a great way to communicate. Prospects will
choose to remember only bits of our presentation. Make it easy
for your prospects. Give them catchy, easy-to-remember sound
bites that create a desire to purchase your products or to join
your opportunity.
Let’s get started with some real life examples of sound bites
that I enjoy. It’s easier to get the feel for sound bites by
experiencing them.
Weight Loss Tablets.
1. Use these tablets to lose weight while you sit.
Enjoy watching your favorite television
program while excess pounds are just melting
2. These herbal fat burner tablets will burn
away excess pounds – even while you’re
3. If you want to lose those extra pounds, don’t
spend your day suffering and being hungry.

Instead, use Product X. It’s like having
willpower in a tablet.
4. Why not lose weight while you sleep? Enjoy a
good night’s sleep while your body dreams
away those excess pounds.
5. Try our calorie-killer weight loss tablets
Chocolate Breakfast Drink
1. Instead of cooking and cleaning breakfast
dishes, why not have a delicious breakfast
shake? It only takes 20 seconds to mix and
you’ll only have one dirty glass and one
dirty spoon!
2. How about breakfast for only 80 cents? And
you’ll be getting thin on chocolate!
3. Instant breakfast that’s faster than a
Long Distance Telephone Service.
1. Make money every time you make a long
distance call.
2. Make money every time your neighbor picks
up the telephone.
3. Earn money while you sleep when other
people are talking on their telephones.

Nutritional Product.
1. You will be the only person awake and happy
at 9:00 a.m. on Monday mornings.
2. This product will make you feel like you are
16 years old all over again – but with better
3. You will be the only person at work who
doesn’t have to take a nap at 3:00 p.m. in
the afternoon.
4. When you come home from work, you won’t
feel like watching television. You’ll feel like
5. We call this the “nap buster.”
6. Instant energy in a capsule.
7. Attitude in a bottle.
Water Filters.
1. All water is recycled. This unit just takes out
other people’s contributions.
2. Chlorine is great for bleaching clothes, but
not for our stomachs.
3. Great tasting water for just three cents a
4. Now you can taste clean, clear water. You
won’t have to worry about those little
unidentified objects floating around in your

Fiber Product.
1. This is perfect for pizza lovers who hate
eating rabbit food to get their daily fiber.
2. Results you can experience in just 24 hours.
3. For hemorrhoid sufferers. You’ll never have
to say “Ouch” again.
4. The perfect diet supplement. Just take it 15
minutes before you eat and stop worrying
about weight problems.
Skin Care.
1. Makes your skin look so good, you’ll never
have to wear makeup again.
2. Will make your skin look like it is 16-yearsold
all over again, but without the acne.
3. Your skin will look so smooth, everyone will
want to touch it.
Are you getting the feeling of how sound bites
can work for your business?
All of the above examples were for products. It’s easy to
come up with three or four great sound bites for every one of
your products or services, right? Simply pass on these sound
bites to your distributors and watch your retail sales increase.
But what about opportunity sound bites? Wouldn’t it be great
to have plenty of opportunity sound bites for prospecting and
Let’s try a few.

1. It’s like getting an extra paycheck in your
mailbox once a week.
2. It’s like having a paycheck from a part-time
job, but you don’t have to go to work.
3. We call this the “boss silencer.”
4. This plan is called “winning the lottery.”
5. You won’t have to plead and beg for a day off
from the “almighty boss.” Now you can take
off any day you choose.
6. You work 50 weeks a year for the company –
and you get only two weeks a year for
yourself. Does that seem fair?
7. How much time do you get to spend with your
spouse and children after work?
8. You got married to have a family. Wouldn’t it
be nice to get more time to visit them?
9. Now you can get a $300 raise and you don’t
even have to ask your boss.
10. Does your boss laugh every time you ask for a
11. Can you talk to your boss tomorrow and get a
$300 raise?
12. Can you imagine having no bills to pay and
still having money in your checking account?
13. Here is your chance to send your mother-inlaw
a postcard from Bali.
14. If you were your own boss, how much
vacation time would you choose to take?
15.Who makes more money, the employee or the
16.Who has more fun, the employee or the boss?
17. Every day while you sit in commuter traffic, I
bet you say to yourself, “Wow! This is fun!”
18. Our parents told us what to do. Our teachers
told us what to do. Now our bosses are telling
us what to do. When is it our turn to choose
what we want to do?
19. It’s just like being a rock star. You write a hit
song and collect royalties for life. Now you
can sponsor some people and collect bonuses
for life.
20. There are two groups of people in the world:
those who get a word-of-mouth advertising
bonus check in their mailbox once a month –
and those who don’t. Which group would you
like to be in?
Now it’s your turn. Why not come up with some great sound
bites for your next presentation or meeting?
Your downline is waiting for your tested, winning sound


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Aug 14

Bob and Anna’s training is priceless I invite you to contact me to see the power of mentoring for free and how our free training can help you no matter what your business!!

Sandy Botkin warns, “Before jumping into any opportunity, stop and breathe deeply. Let the enthusiasm cool off. Then begin the process of deciding which company to join by finding the answers to a few questions.” For example …

How good are the marketing materials?

  • All companies have marketing materials. Some are better than others. The better the materials, the easier it will be to acquire customers and distributors.

  • They should have multi-colored, glossy, up-scale brochures which contain two elements …

  • First, the brochures should stress benefits offered to the customer, explaining why the products/services are right for the buyer.

  • Second, they should convince the customer through concrete evidence that the company is stable, offers low risk to distributors, and has a history of good management.

  • It is, therefore, important to have some third party credibility such as double blind studies or newspaper articles extolling the virtues of the company.

This is an excerpt from an excellent article by Sandy Botkin, well known CPA, attorney, and tax advisor to the self employed. To read the full article, click here.

For more questions to ask of an MLM opportunity, click here and look for Pillar One.

To download the free ebook Success In Ten Steps and get started right, click here.

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Aug 10

Thanks to Bob and Anna Bassett who bring this valuable information to help you, they have been very helpful for me. Remember your mentors are the most important thing to help you reach your dreams!!!

Sandy Botkin warns, “Before jumping into any opportunity, stop and breathe deeply. Let the enthusiasm cool off. Then begin the process of deciding which company to join by finding the answers to a few questions.” For example …

What kind of training and support do they offer?

  • The statement that “The product sells itself” is rarely true.

  • All companies promise training; few deliver the consistent quality that makes training effective.

  • Evaluate the training and the support materials. Look for …

  • Role playing practice

  • Good scripts

  • Ways sponsors help you to get new leads

  • A variety of quality training audios and videos

  • Find out about switching to another sponsor if your sponsor leaves the company or doesn’t do training follow-up.

This is an excerpt from an excellent article by Sandy Botkin, well known CPA, attorney, and tax advisor to the self employed. To read the full article, click here.

For more questions to ask of an MLM opportunity, click here and look for Pillar Five.

To download the free ebook Success In Ten Steps and get started right, click here.

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Aug 9

Thanks Bob and Anna!! Great mentors and friends you’ll find no better trainers!!!

Sandy Botkin warns, “Before jumping into any opportunity, stop and breathe deeply. Let the enthusiasm cool off. Then begin the process of deciding which company to join by finding the answers to a few questions.” For example …

What kind of sponsor support is offered?

  • We can’t overstate the importance of this answer. Not all sponsors are created equal.

  • The person who takes you to the meeting becomes your sponsor if you sign up under him or her. You are locked into that person for a long time.

  • To avoid this, don’t sign up immediately. You can wait, shop around, and find a sponsor who is known to provide strong support to his people.

  • It is not polite for a sponsor to accept you at a meeting if you have been brought there by another sponsor. You will need to get the person’s card and call them after the meeting.

  • Be careful even if you are signing up only to buy the products at wholesale. You may want to become an active distributor later, and you will be locked into the person you are buying from.

  • To find the right sponsor, attend several meetings in your area.

  • Introduce yourself to numerous successful sponsors.

  • Evaluate their reputations. Ask them what they do for their people and how long they have been doing it.

  • Some sponsors are like robots, signing up everyone but supporting none; others, more responsible, do mass advertising or marketing and pass warm leads along to their downline.

  • One of the major benefits of a network marketing company is that you are in business for yourself, not by yourself. To realize this benefit, you must sign up under the right person.

This is an excerpt from an excellent article by Sandy Botkin, well known CPA, attorney, and tax advisor to the self employed. To read the full article, click here.

For more questions to ask of an MLM opportunity, click here and look for Pillar Five.

To learn what Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter says about the importance of sponsor support, take his quiz on page 58 of Success In Ten Steps.

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Aug 8

The following is an excerpt from the book “How To Get Rich Without Winning the Lottery” by Keith Schreiter

Spend less than your earn — invest the difference.

This is the only way you can accumulate the money for your investment fund. Your money can’t work for you if you don’t have any money to put to work.

Sure, it takes a bit of sacrifice to put away $100 a month, $200 a month, 10% of your salary, or whatever you decide is right for you. But by sacrificing a little bit every month, you’ll have all the money you want for years and years and years.

It is said:

“A penny saved is . . . not very much.”

That’s probably true. However,

“Saving 65 cents a day in pocket change will add up to tens of thousands of dollars over time.”

Consider this. It’s almost impossible to become rich by spending more than you earn. Most people spend more than they earn. Most people aren’t rich.

Use a part-time job or a part-time business to add more money to your investment account.

By adding this extra income, you’ll cut years off your personal plan to wealth. Getting rich quicker is good, right?

Use people leverage to add more money to your investment account.

You can turbocharge your journey to wealth by employing other people in your part-time business or by taking advantage of network marketing.

Buy things that appreciate. Don’t buy things that depreciate.

Stocks, mutual funds, and real estate appreciate over time. That means your money is working for you. Stereos, fancy clothes, automobiles, and big screen televisions depreciate over time. That means you are going backwards — that you are losing money. That’s not the way to get rich.

Own your own home.

Renters and homeowners both make payments every month. You won’t get rich collecting rent receipts. You get rich by owning real estate.

Get a good tax accountant.

You want to minimize your taxes so that you’ll have more money working for you in your investment account. Your tax accountant can show you ways to reduce, defer or eliminate taxes on your investments. You can reduce the effects of taxes on your extra income by investing through IRAs, Keogh plans, 401s and other tax-favorable investment vehicles.

If you are really worried about paying taxes on the extra money you are earning, simply work a few extra hours for the taxes or arrange to have extra taxes taken out of your regular paycheck.

Avoid debt.

Some types of debt are good. An example would be the mortgage on your home (assuming you’ve bought a home within your means). This is debt on an appreciating asset.

Most debts are bad because you are paying interest on that debt. Paying interest is having your money work against you. It is robbing your investment fund of valuable capital that could be used to work for you.

Worst of all is paying interest on a depreciating asset such as an automobile or stereo. Not only are you losing money by paying interest, but the item you are paying for is also losing value at the same time. That is what’s called a “double whammy.”

If you have a lot of debt siphoning away your salary, maybe the first place for you to invest your investment money is in reducing your debt. This will ultimately free up more money in your monthly budget that you can put into your investment program.

Start young — or as young as you can.

That means start now. Let time work for you, not against you. The longer your investment fund grows, the more money you’ll have. Even if you invest very conservatively, time and the magic of compound interest will serve you well.

Don’t be someone who says,

“Oh, I wish I started ten years ago. Look where I would be today.”

“I should have invested in McDonald’s and Chrysler stock back in 1972.”

The past is past. You can’t redesign your past. However, you can design your future.

So start designing your future today. Ten years from now will arrive whether you start saving and investing or not. The choice of what you’ll say ten years from now depends on what you do today.

Protect your investment fund by reducing risk.

What good is it to save your money, only to lose it later on a speculative risk? It’s better to have a lower return and all of your investment fund than a higher return and sleepless nights worrying about your money.

Certainly all investments have some risk. You’ll want to keep your risks to a minimum while looking out for good returns.

You can invest your extra money monthly in a mutual fund, in real estate, to reduce your personal mortgage, or even in your own part-time or full-time business. Your investment risks decrease with knowledge.

Have patience.

Your investment fund won’t grow rapidly overnight. Consistent investing will give you good returns in the long term. For example, when is the best time to invest in stocks?

The obvious answer is to invest at the beginning of a long bull market (rising prices). Since no one can accurately tell the future, the best time to start investing for most of us is right now. Obviously stock prices go down also. But a stock portfolio that goes down in price is worth much more than never investing or saving a cent.

Investors who have become rich in stocks have invested over a long period of time. That includes up markets and down markets.

Handle your finances like an adult.

How do four-year-olds handle money? Do four-year-olds use their allowance wisely — or do they spend it quickly on something they want? Usually they insist on spending their allowance the same day they receive it. Saving or creating an investment fund is the furthest thing from their mind.

If you handle your money like a four-year-old, you’ll have the savings account of a four-year-old.

Don’t worry about inflation.

Inflation will occur whether you save money or not. So why not save money? You’ll like inflation a lot better when you have a large savings account.

Can’t seem to find any money to start your investment program?

Try this. Now I’m not asking you to budget. I’m only going to ask you to keep track of where your money goes for 30 days. Here is what you do.

Take a blank register from your checkbook. Simply record every expense, every dollar you spend for one entire month. Write down when you buy a pack of gum, a pack of cigarettes, a soda, when you pay the VISA bill, when you buy that sandwich or movie ticket.

At the end of the month, review your register. Look at all the miscellaneous expenditures you made that could have been turned into investment dollars.

Will you do this? Only if you are serious about becoming rich.

I’ve seen people who earn $10,000 make regular contributions to their investment fund. I’ve also seen people earning $100,000 a year spend $110,000 a year and go bankrupt.

Saving money has nothing to do with how much money you make. It has everything to do with personal commitment.

And now it’s up to you. If you would like a free copy of this book leave me your name phone number and email and I will send you a copy!!!

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Aug 7


I won’t mention the name of the country – but it was poor.

The average monthly income was only $300 a month. So my distributor was complaining:

“It is impossible to build a business here. Nobody can afford the products.”

Well, my distributor was just a bit irritated because we had been standing in line at the restaurant for over 45 minutes. He was hungry and cranky.

I replied,

“So the people here can’t afford our products, eh?

“Look at those young people. The ones without jobs. They are wearing some nice designer clothes. I bet they really got excited about how the designer companies advertised to them and they felt if they wore their designer clothes, people would think they are special.

“Oh look, these unemployed young people have cell phones. They are making expensive cell-phone-to-cell- phone calls to chat with their other poor friends. I bet they have the best cell phone plans to go with their iPhones.

“I wondered how much these people paid for valet parking? You know, gas is so expensive here, I hope they had enough money to tip the valet parking attendant. And you know what else? They are driving nice cars.

“Now, I know these people are unemployed because they are here, they are not at work today. I bet they have plenty of time on their hands. Hopefully they have a big screen television at home to enjoy their cable television channels.

“I think I saw some of these same people buying lottery tickets earlier. Do you also remember seeing some of them in line?

“But what really bothers me is that all of these unemployed people are drinking expensive beers, smoking expensive cigarettes, and sitting at this nice restaurant, while we are standing in line, waiting to get a seat.

“The economy must be really bad here. So many people out of work that the lines at this restaurant are untolerable.”

My irritated distributor turned to me and said,

“Just shut up.”

But I couldn’t.

I just had to poke a little more.

I said,

“Do you know what is really happening?

“The cigarette company, the beer company, the designer clothes company, the restaurant, the car company, the cell phone company, and the cable television company all said better things than we did. They got their money first.

“We have to learn to say better things so that we can compete.

“We can’t just show them a catalog or brochure and expect them to buy. Our competition learned to say and do better things. We have to catch up. Standing in line and complaining isn’t going to fix our problem.”

And that’s how the story goes.

In rich countries, in poor countries. The story is the same.

The salesmen that say and do better things get the prospects’ money.

So here is a question to ask yourself:

“How good are the things you say to prospects?”

Are the things you say good enough to get you into second place? That only means you got close, but not the sale.

We have to learn to compete with the professional advertisers and marketers of the world. We can’t be amateurs and hope for success.

But now for some good news.

We have an unfair advantage.

While our competition can only put up signs and run radio and television commercials, we actually get to have a “live” conversation, one-on-one with our prospect. What a remarkable advantage we have.

So let’s take advantage of this unfair advantage. Let’s not just hand them a brochure. Let’s say exciting, intriguing, mind-stimulating things and become first-place winners for our prospects’ spendable money.

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Aug 6

Imagine you’re at work one day, and your boss comes to you and says,

“Bad news, we’re going to have to fire you. Business is bad. And the economy stinks.”

You feel depressed. No more career. No more regular paychecks.

And then the boss says,

“You know what? If you were to work just one extra hour overtime every day for free, from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, we’ll let you keep your job and you can continue collecting your same paycheck.”

Now, what would you do?

Well, most people would say,

“Well, I will work the extra hour of overtime just to keep my job. I know I will be working the extra hour for free, but it is important to keep my present job.”

And then the boss says,

“Well, I know it’s kind of bad news for you but there is some good news. If you work an hour of overtime, Monday through Friday for no pay, just one extra hour a day . . . at the end of two years, we’ll let you retire at full pay.”

All of a sudden, how do you feel?

You feel like saying,

“Wow! Excellent! What an opportunity! Just work one hour overtime for free, Monday through Friday, and two years from now . . . I retire at full pay!”

So what would happen?

You’re working overtime and six months later one of your friends says,

“Hey, why don’t you quit doing that? You’re working an hour overtime and not getting paid for it.”

You say to your friend,

“No way! I only have 18 more months to go and then I’m going to retire!”

A year from now, maybe your spouse says,

“You know what, dear? You’ve been working that free hour of overtime for the past 12 months. Why don’t you spend more time here at home instead of working that hour overtime?”

You say,

“No, no, no! Just one more year and I can retire at full pay.”

And you would be at work faithfully, Monday through Friday, working that overtime so you could retire.

And you would be excited about the opportunity.

Well, we have the same opportunity to retire with our network marketing business.

We ask people to spend one hour a day, Monday through Friday building a network marketing business. And all you have to do is talk to some people.

And you don’t have to worry too much about what you say or how good you are, because you know what? You’ll get better. The longer you do network marketing, the more you’ll learn.

So maybe after the first month you say,

“Gee, I really don’t know what to say.”

The second month you get a little better and say,

“Well, I know the name of the company is the Wonderful Company.”

The third month you get better at this and say,

“I think this is a neat business. You might want to look at it.”

And the fourth month you get better and better.

Just invest an hour a day. And at the end of two years you might be pleasantly surprised and say,

“You know what? I can replace my full-time income and retire for the rest of my life.”

So – would you take advantage of that opportunity?

If you are like most people, you will want to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. But, you won’t do it.

Here is why you won’t do it.

A little voice inside of your head is saying,

“But what if it doesn’t work? What if I waste an hour a day over those two years? What if I’m not good at this? I don’t know anyone who has retired in network marketing. I only know people who retired with a pension from a job. This might not be a sure thing.”

Yes, you’re going to have some doubt. You will have a belief problem. And that’s pretty natural.

So here is what we are going to do to help you with your belief.

To encourage you along the way, every so often we’re going to send you a check in the mail — just to keep your spirits up as you build your two-year business.

When you get these occasional checks, you will say,

“I know it works! I’ve got these checks to prove it.”

And that is why you want to start your business today.

* * *

See how this story relates to the prospect? The prospect is seeing himself and living within the story.

That is why I love to use stories. Prospects forget the facts, the percentages, and the ingredients, but they will always remember the stories.

what do you think of “If you are interested how you can work an extra hour a day for the next two years, and retire at the end of two years, contact me at

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Aug 5

This is such a fantastic series. Thanks to Bob and Anna Bassett!!!!

Sandy Botkin warns, “Before jumping into any opportunity, stop and breathe deeply. Let the enthusiasm cool off. Then begin the process of deciding which company to join by finding the answers to a few questions.” For example …

Does the company really have momentum?

  • Every company will claim that the time to join is now because of the “S” curve, a curve that marks rapid growth times.

  • Momentum is important because growth magnifies efforts.

  • If you join during a growth period caused by either the age of the company, or by introducing a new product, or by getting a new patent, this growth can attract new distributors and more sales.

  • If the company or product is growing at 3% a year, your business growth will mirror the 3%; but if the company or product is growing at 30% a year, then your business growth should also mirror that percent.

This is an excerpt from an excellent article by Sandy Botkin, well known CPA, attorney, and tax advisor to the self employed. To read the full article, click here.

For more questions to ask of an MLM opportunity, click here and look for Pillar Two.

To download the free ebook Success In Ten Steps and get started right, click here.

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