Aug 28

Imagine that a fully qualified MLM prospect comes up to you
and says:
“Hi! I want to join your MLM program. Here are
my hot buttons. Could you set aside a little time to
sign me up in your program?”
Wow! Wouldn’t that be great? No convincing. No high
pressure. No defending your industry or product. Just an easyto-
sponsor prospect coming to you — presold.
Well, it doesn’t happen quite that easy, but almost! How?
Through an easy-to-use brochure/survey form that allows your
prospects to check off their items of interest. You simply insert
your best features and benefits into your brochure . . . and then
let the prospects choose their hot buttons.
When you use this technique, a prospect will check off his
areas of interest and say to you:
“Tell me more about your business opportunity.
I’m especially interested in how your bonus car
program works. And, I’d really like to know more
about your famous Wonder Product.”
Wow! Here’s a prospect who is coming to you pre-sold. And,
the prospect is telling you that his hot buttons are the car
program and the famous Wonder Product. He is saying, “Tell
me a little more about these wonderful benefits and you’ll sell
me in a minute!”
Well, as far-fetched as this scenario sounds, it’s not that hard
to arrange. Yes, you can attract pre-sold prospects and they’ll
even tell you what you have to say to sell them. And you can
have a steady stream of these prospects coming to you, if you
know how.
Here’s the easy-to-follow technique:
1. Write down all the great features and benefits about your
program. Then, put these features and benefits into a headline.
For instance, if you were a distributor for the Wonderful MLM
Company, you’d write the following:
o How to drive a new bonus car with no monthly
o Where to save $44 a month on your cleaning budget.
o How to add an additional $400 a month part-time
o How to double your monthly retirement income.
o The three warning signs that your family is in serious
financial jeopardy.
o How to get paid for recommending things you like.
o How to lose 11 pounds per month without dieting.
o Where to find an extra $2,500 tax deduction every year.
o The three best ways to get rich in the 90s.
o How to make your business give you the free time to be
with your family.
o The two best ways to have a luxury vacation four times a
o Why a highly-desired repeat product can be your key to
financial security.
o The one business you can start part-time, without
jeopardizing your present job.
o How to have a career that’s fun — where you’ll never
have to go to work.
o The insider’s secret to having your own business.
Do you have enough headlines yet? If not, add a few more.
Now that you’ve written down these hot points, our next job is to
find out which of these features and benefits will get your
prospect excited.
How will we find out? You guessed it! We’ll ask.
We’ll ask which feature or benefit excites your prospect, but
we’ll ask in a very inoffensive, non-threatening way. We’ll put
these headlines in a brochure and ask the prospects to check off
which feature and benefit they would like to have more
information on.
So, somewhere in your brochure, you’ll have a section that
will look something like this:
Our business opportunity has many unique and interesting
features. We’d be glad to give you additional information on
any of these areas. Please check the appropriate boxes to
receive more information.
No I would
information like to know
please. more about
this feature.
How to drive a new bonus
car with no monthly payments. ???? ????
Where to save $44 a month on
your cleaning budget. ???? ????
How to add an additional $400
a month part-time income. ???? ????
How to double your monthly
retirement income. ???? ????
The three warning signs that your
family is in serious financial jeopardy. ???? ????
How to get paid for recommending
things you like. ???? ????
How to lose 11 pounds per month
without dieting. ???? ????
Where to find an extra $2,500
tax deduction every year. ???? ????
The three best ways to get rich in the 90s. ???? ????
How to make your business give you
more free time with your family. ???? ????
The two best ways to have a luxury
vacation four times a year. ???? ????
Why a highly-desired repeat product
can be your key to financial security. ???? ????
The one business you can start part-time,
without jeopardizing your present job. ???? ????
How to have a career that’s fun —
where you’ll never have to go to work. ???? ????
The insider’s secret to having
your own business. ???? ????
Now, after your prospects check off their areas of interest, it
gets simpler. First, you know your prospects are interested or
they would never have taken the time to fill out the
questionnaire. Second, you know exactly what your prospects
want to know. You’ll zero in on their hot buttons and desires.
Your brochure is easy enough to put together, but where
should you utilize it? Here are some ideas:
1. Give this to prospects at the end of an
opportunity meeting if they feel they need to
“think it over.” By filling out the brochure,
you’ll know exactly what they have to “think
over” and be able to answer their questions
right there on the spot.
2. Put the brochure in your prospecting package
to accompany your audio prospecting tape. If
the prospect doesn’t want to join immediately,
the answers on the brochure can guide you to
the best approach to help the prospect make a
3. Depending on the other selling elements of
your brochure, the brochure could be used as
a stand-alone mailer for prospecting.
4. When people ask you what you do for a
living, your brochure can be a take-home
explanation piece which is also a selling
piece. The brochure would be much more
effective than a simple business card with a
catchy saying.
I’m sure you can add many other uses for this custom
brochure. Remember, this is an inoffensive, passive, nonthreatening
prospecting and qualifying method that even the
shyest distributor can use to build a successful MLM business.

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Aug 27

Sometimes we get too close to our problems and challenges and can’t see the easy solutions.

In network marketing, we try to solve simple problems with complex and confusing solutions. If the solution is complicated, we feel that it must be good.

For example, let’s imagine that a prospect tells me that he doesn’t want to join my business after a personal one-on-one presentation.

To solve this problem, I devise a plan:

First, I’ll need to contact a lot of prospects to get more appointments. This means a $500 advertising and mailing campaign. I’ll need to hire a good copywriter, a printer, a mailing list specialist and personally coordinate the campaign.

Second, if too many prospects respond, I’ll need to hire a telephone answering service with 24-hour operators. Better start working on their scripted replies now.

Third, to follow up the additional prospects, I’ll need to form a co-op of leaders in my downline. We’ll need a voice mail with automatic lead assignment, a follow-up mailing package, and of course, an all-day training program so our team will be ready. Better book that hotel training room now.

Fourth . . . well, you get the picture.

I’m getting carried away with all these grandiose plans and campaigns just because my prospect didn’t join.

Now, there is nothing wrong with all these plans. They’re good. They’re effective. And they work.

But what could be a simpler solution to my problem?

Let’s look at a few obvious simple solutions


1. Maybe I could contact and qualify better prospects. Instead of forcing a presentation on an unwilling prospect, maybe I could ask some qualifying questions such as:

Have you ever thought about changing careers?

Did you ever consider starting your own business?

Would you like to be your own boss?

Would you like to be able to set your own pay raise?

What would you do with an extra $500 a month?

2. Maybe I could improve my presentation. It’s amazing. Most prospects respond to a better presentation. If our presentations relate to them and their problems, they’re on our side.

3. Maybe I shouldn’t panic at the first “No” from the prospect. Possibly he’ll want to join after a bit more information or relationship-building.

4. Maybe I should realize that prospects have good times and bad times in their lives. Maybe I’m talking to a prospect during a particularly bad time or busy time in his life. I could contact the prospect later when the timing would be better.

You see, the obvious, simple solutions are usually avoided by us because we think complicated solutions are better. We don’t take the time to see . . . the obvious.

I recently read the following story:

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson went on a camping trip. As they lay down for the night, their conversation drifted to:

Holmes: “Watson, look up at the sky and tell me what you see.”

Watson: “I see millions and millions of stars.”

Holmes: “And what does that tell you?”

Watson: “Astronomically, it tells me that there are millions of galaxies and potentially billions of planets. Theologically, it tells me that God is great and that we are small. Meteorologically, it tells me that we will have a beautiful day tomorrow. What does it tell you?”

Holmes: “Watson, you bonehead. Somebody stole our tent.”

Am I the only one who sees distributors making network marketing more complicated than it should be? Do you want to see the simple way to build your business for free? Click here to download our free guide to internet marketing made simple!!! You’ll be amazed what you know but are not thinking about!!!

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Aug 26

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter is an amazing generic trainer here’s more from Tom….

Many people are amazed when they see me speak in person.

They tell me:

“You’re not flamboyant. You’re not energetic. Did you have a charisma bypass operation? You never move a single step. Have you ever considered movement or a hand gesture?”

Yet these same people also tell me that I’m one of the most interesting speakers they’ve ever heard.

What’s one of my secrets?

Relating to listeners in graphic, picturesque terms
that they can easily see in their own lives.

If you can get your listeners and prospects to be able to see what you see . . . well, that’s great communication.

Want an example?

Most speakers would say:

“You are what you eat. Good nutrition will make you feel better.”

While this is true, the listeners won’t internalize this statement. The listeners will simply think that the information is nice, but they won’t change their thinking or their lives based upon this information.

How could you present this same information?

Instead of saying:

“You are what you eat. Good nutrition will make you feel better.”

Why not say something like this?

“Guess what your body is made of? It’s not made up from the air you breathe or the friends you associate with. It’s made up of what you eat.

“Now, for some of you this could mean your body is made up of colas and donuts. You know who you are. But you might still be skeptical, so take this test.

“How you feel depends on what you eat. I can prove it.

“If you eat a large two-pound steak, how do you feel a few hours later? Lazy. Tired. Lethargic.

“If you eat six donuts how do you feel 30 minutes later? Wired. Full of nervous energy. And how do you feel one hour later? Lazy. Tired. Lethargic.

“If you eat Chinese food, how do you feel one hour later? Hungry.

“If you drink a six-pack of beer, how do you feel one hour later? Lazy. Tired. Lethargic. Sleepy. Mellow.

“If you drink six cups of coffee, how do you feel one hour later? Edgy. Nervous. Irritable.

“If you eat a half-dozen hot jalapeno peppers, how do you feel one hour later? Warm. Burning sensation. And how do you feel the next day? Warm again as they pass through your system.

“So as you see, how you feel depends on what you eat.”

Now, your prospect is convinced that what he eats will determine how he feels.

It’s not just you giving some sales pitch. Your prospect relates to your examples and sees the truth in his life. The difference is huge.

Now when your prospect sits down and eats six donuts and washes them down with a six-pack of beer, he’ll be thinking of you and what you said.

And that’s exactly what you want. Do you want more free training start here!!!!

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Aug 25

Here is an easy method to make yourself stand out from the
Imagine you qualified for the company leadership trip and it’s
held in some exotic location such as Hong Kong. Sure you’ll
have a great time shopping and sightseeing, but this trip offers
you an excellent opportunity to get your tough prospects’
While you are in Hong Kong, buy a few picture postcards. Sit
down and write your tough prospects’ addresses on the postcards
and handwrite the following message:
“I’m in Hong Kong learning new ideas on how to
make our business even more profitable. Just
learned some quick start tips that will help you get
bonus checks even faster.
“I’ll share these ideas with you when I get back
home. I know you’ll enjoy them.”
When you return from your trip, almost every tough prospect
will remember the postcard and you’ll have an easier time
getting an appointment for a presentation.
But why stop there?
Want to leverage this technique?
Why not ask your downline to make a list of all of their best
prospects? Then you can mail to their prospects to make it easier
for them to get an appointment. All you have to do is make a
little modification of your postcard message to say:
“I’m in Hong Kong learning new ideas on how to
make our business even more profitable. Just
learned some quick start tips that will help you get
bonus checks even faster.
“I’ll share these ideas with <fill in your
distributor’s name here> when I get back home.
I know you’ll enjoy hearing about these moneymaking
ideas from <fill in your distributor’s
name here> when he calls you.”
Great idea, eh? But what if you don’t win an overseas trip
from your company?
Then why not go on our annual MLM generic training cruise
to the Caribbean? You can send postcards from the exotic islands
of the Caribbean and still get the same results.
Use your imagination. You can use this technique whenever
you travel. It’s a great way to get that tough appointment.
Oh yeah, one other thing. Send a few postcards to those
prospects who didn’t join your business. No, it won’t make them
join, but it will make you feel a whole lot better.

Start your free training with our free guide to success.


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Aug 24


“Everything is a pyramid – the church, corporations, the military … “

Maybe so, but too often that argument is used by inexperienced networkers to explain the MLM business model when someone asks, “Is this a pyramid?”  Using that answer always seems evasive to us.  It does not answer the real question being posed, which is, “Is this an ILLEGAL pyramid?”

In the church or corporate or military pyramid, there MUST be fewer people at the top.  You can only have one Pope or one Donald or one General, but you need many more Cardinals, upper management, and officers.  At the ‘bottom’, you need many many more priests or ministers, office employees, privates and foot soldiers.

The real question should be “Are all these people receiving fair pay for their efforts?”  If the going rate for a good CEO is $200000 per annum, and the company is paying that much, it’s legitimate.  If upper management is receiving a fair $60000 per year and if an unskilled laborer is earning minimum wage, that’s legitimate too.

The pay has nothing to do with the pyramid structure.  It has to do with the skills the structure needs, and what it is willing to pay for them.  It also depends on what the provider is willing to accept.  No CEO will be working for $10 an hour and no company will pay a sweeper $200k!

An MLM company will have a pyramid structure simply because of the the way it grows.  There can be only one master distributor who recruits others to join the business.  A common scenario used in presentations is 1, 3, 9, 27, 81, etc.  It has to grow this way, but this is not what makes MLM legal or illegal.

It’s whether each participant is receiving fair value for his/her money and efforts.  When you start your business and send $500 to the company, you should receive $500 worth of stuff – $500 in health products, or $500 in luggage or clothing, or $500 worth of travel, or a $500 phone plus airtime, or … well, you get the picture.  If you receive fair value for your money, that’s legitimate.

If you send $500 to the company, and you receive a $20 kit they call ‘a business’ plus permission to go out and find others to send $500 to the company for a $20 kit they call … well, you get the idea.  That’s NOT legitimate.

If your commissions are being paid out of that $500, you are in an illegal pyramid.

Your commissions should be paid from the difference between the retail and wholesale cost of the health products, clothing, luggage, travel, or phone.  Just like it works in a store downtown!

If the business you are in does not ’sit right’ with you, ask yourself and the company some tough questions like these.  If you don’t like the answers, get out now.

All we have in this industry is our reputations, and we must not tarnish them in shady ‘companies’.

To read more questions to ask about a company, get this free report.

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Aug 23

WOW thanks Bob and Anna!!!! and if you like this one come back tomorrow for a real attention grabber about pyramids!!!!

Sandy Botkin warns, “Before jumping into any opportunity, stop and breathe deeply. Let the enthusiasm cool off. Then begin the process of deciding which company to join by finding the answers to a few questions.” For example …

What is the customer retention rate?

  • When a company pays 50% of its revenue for commissions, if the customer retention rate on a product is 5%, your net long-term commission is only 2.5%.

  • But, when the company pays only 10% payout, if the customer retention rate is 80%, your long-term commission rate is 8%.

  • The customer retention rate is critical. To investigate the retention rate, you can:

  • Ask the company if its figures on customer retention rate are available.

  • Test the product/services to see if you would use it regularly.

  • Ask the company for names of satisfied customers.

  • Ask for the names and phone numbers of two or three non-repeat customers. Ask if you can call to find why they didn’t continue to use the product or service.

  • Find out what the competition is offering in the same category and compare the prices.

  • Your product doesn’t have to be the lowest for what it offers, if it offers some value that is not offered elsewhere.

  • Your product also should be marketed well.

This is an excerpt from an excellent article by Sandy Botkin, well known CPA, attorney, and tax advisor to the self employed. To read the full article, click here.

For more questions to ask of an MLM opportunity, click here and look for Pillar Three.

To download the free ebook Success In Ten Steps and get started right, click here.

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Aug 22

Many new distributors wonder which path to take.

1. Should they spend their time contacting new prospects?

2. Or, should they invest some time following up previously-contacted prospects?

Consider this. When you sell a product or service, the decision is quite easy for your prospect. Here is the deal:

“I give you $30 and you give me something.”

That’s it. No long-term commitments, relationships or entanglements.

However, when you sponsor prospects into your network marketing program, here is the deal:

“I give you $30 for a kit, then you want me to buy some products and services, then you want me to give up evenings and weekends for the rest of my life, and then you want me to commit to a long-term relationship with you, my sponsor — etc.”

It’s hard to get this type of commitment from a one-time contact. You need follow-up to build a strong enough relationship for your prospect to make this decision. That’s why follow-up is so important in network marketing.

Look at it this way. If you wanted to ask someone to marry you, what would your success rate be if you only asked strangers on your first contact?

Not very good.

However, if you have several contacts with your prospect, you will build a strong relationship. This will increase the odds of your “marriage proposal” being answered positively — and increase your odds of successfully sponsoring prospects.


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Aug 21

Gift certificates.

Need more people to talk to? Ran completely out of
Why not try gift certificates to give you the chance to visit
with more prospects?
How does this work?
Imagine that you sold skin care products. Who are your best
You could reach these products users and talk to them about
your opportunity by using gift certificates. Here’s how it works.
Go to any office that employs men, preferably married men
or men with girlfriends. Since men are typically terrible
shoppers, they dread Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthdays,
anniversaries, etc. When these special days approach, here is
how they normally handle their gift shopping.
The day before that special day, they go to a local
department store approximately five minutes
before closing. Once inside, they stand in one spot
and slowly scan the counters – and then despair.
They don’t have a clue. Usually they’ll grab
something that is within convenient reach,
purchase it, and then spend the next few hours
agonizing over how they will get it gift-wrapped.
Gift shopping is one of the biggest problems in men’s lives.
And you can solve it.
Tell the men in the office that you can solve their gift giving
problems. They’ll gleefully throw money in your direction to
relieve themselves of this uncomfortable burden in their lives.
Each man will give you the six or seven dates that he’ll need
a gift each year. You’ll tell him that you’ll do the shopping, the
gift-wrapping, and even pick up an appropriate card – and
deliver everything to him the day before the special date.
Since in this example you are selling skin care, you’ll nicely
package a variety of your products into a gift basket – and
include a gift certificate and catalog so that the woman can pick
out additional products that she wants.
When the woman receives her gift basket, she begins using
your skin care products. After a few weeks, she calls you to
redeem her gift certificate and order some additional products
from the catalog.
Now think of the quality of this prospect.
First, she is a satisfied product user with experience using
your products.
Second, she is ordering more products.
Third, you’ll be having a friendly visit with her when
delivering her products.
Sounds like a perfect setting to present your business
opportunity. Your prospect will be open-minded and will listen
to your business opportunity. The rest is up to her.
If your prospect is hesitant because she feels that
she wouldn’t have enough prospects, simply share
your little marketing secret and let her know that
men will gladly pay premium prices to solve their
shopping dilemmas.

Want more free advice? Start here

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Aug 20


Many restaurants have a glass fish bowl by the cash register
where business people drop their business card. The lure is that
the businessperson might win a free lunch or dinner at the
restaurant in a weekly drawing.
What do the restaurants do with the business cards after the
drawing? They throw them out!
You can get these business cards free, or at least for the
minimal cost of purchasing the free meal that is given away.
Now, what would you do with these business cards?
You’d recognize these cards as potential prospects for your
What do you know about these prospects?
1. They currently suffer through a 9-5 job,
commute long hours, and they definitely know
the disadvantages and lack of freedom a job
2. These prospects have some disposable income
because they purchase their lunch instead of
bringing their lunch in a paper bag. This
available income could be re-directed to
building their part-time networking business.
For instance, if they buy 20 lunches a month,
that is at least $150 extra income they could
invest in their business.
3. These prospects spend their lunch hours
complaining to co-workers about their jobs.
4. These prospects have regular jobs that pay
their bills. They can afford to patiently build
their network marketing business.
Why not type up a short sales or prospecting letter to these
prospects? They have the motivation and the disposable income
to qualify as future leaders in your organization.
Why write to them instead of making a telephone call?
Because if you write to them, you’ll only hear back from the
interested, positive, motivated prospects who want to do
something. You won’t have to listen to the excuses and whining
from the non-qualified prospects.

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Aug 19

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter is an amazing MLM trainer and my personal friend and mentor. I know from my time spent on Face Book that all you marketers want leads leads leads so here’s a tip from Tom.I had a comment that asked me where I get my training, good question!!! I get it from a group of people that care about ME not the money they can make off of ME, does that sound good to you? would you like to see what its like to have a group of people that care about YOU? Contact me I will help you for free!!!

So where are you going to get new leads for your networking business?

You prospected your family. Now you are banned from weddings and funerals.

You prospected your friends. They won’t return your telephone calls.

You prospected your co-workers. When they see you coming, they walk on the other side of the street.

You’re stuck. You have “nuked” your warm market.

And then you decide to find new prospects over the Internet. That’s sounds like an easy way to go. Just purchase a few thousand hot leads, send them an e-mail, and presto!

Nothing happens.

Why? There could be many reasons.

1. These hot leads thought your e-mail was spam.

2. These hot leads didn’t know, like or trust you.

3. Your e-mail message was boring.

4. These hot leads weren’t so hot. They weren’t good prospects.

5. The web page you sent them to was boring.

Well, there are a lot of factors that could sabotage your “hot leads” e-mail campaign.

So if creating good prospects from total strangers is difficult, maybe it would be easier if we created good prospects from friends and THEIR contacts.

If we start with our friends, they will at least read our e-mails.

The technique.

You can use this technique to build a mailing list or to build an opt-in prospect list. It’s a great way to reach prospects that you don’t know.


By using viral marketing. You are going to allow your initial contacts to spread your message all across the Internet.

Step 1: Create a viral message.

What is the most viral e-mail message that is passed on to friends? Jokes and inspirational stories.

So let’s find a good joke. That’s not hard on the Internet. There are plenty of joke sites.

I am going to pick a joke about bosses. Employees love jokes about bosses. And they will forward my boss joke to other employees.

This is not only viral, it is target marketing. My market is employees who hate their job. So, I am reaching just the right prospects.

Step 2: Create a signature file that will send the readers of your e-mail to your website.

If you are not familiar with signature files, they are the P.S. at the end of your e-mail message.

People are lazy. When they forward (viral) your joke to their friends, they will simply forward the entire e-mail message — including your signature file. Now your signature file (advertisement) is in front of qualified prospects with a smile on their face.

You must make your signature file interesting so that your prospects will have a reason to visit your web site. Here is the exact copy of the signature files I used to create over 2,000 qualified prospects in less than two weeks:

Are men better networkers than women? Here’s proof:

I also used:

P.S. For a laugh and to see my wife’s face, click here:

Both signature files sent people to a short 15-second Flash presentation. (You can see this short presentation in the Members Download Library. Click on the Which Are Better Networkers? link.) The Flash presentation was created by my 15-year-old nephew.

Cost? A six-pack of beer. (Just kidding. His mom wouldn’t let me.) So, I took him to Starbucks as a reward for his one hour of “programming.”

The signature files worked well because:

Are men better networkers than women? Here’s proof:


P.S. For a laugh and to see my wife’s face, click here:

created tension and curiosity. If your teaser lines are boring, they just won’t work.

Because the Flash presentation was funny, people passed on the link to their co-workers and friends. The viral effect was massive.

At the end of the flash presentation was an offer for 77 FREE Tips. About 45% of the viewers subscribed. Now I had 77 more chances to create a relationship with the prospect.

This technique was one of the cheapest, yet most effective way for me to create targeted, qualified prospects.

So what could you use for your signature files? Here are a couple of examples to get you thinking:

• Click here to see which picture looks like you.

• Click here to see a picture of my boss’ face when I told him “I quit.”

• Does your telephone bill look like this? Click here to see a picture of my bill.

• Click here to see a picture of my wife’s stomach.

• Click here to see how a 46-year-old grandmother gets free tickets to visit her grandchildren.

• Want a four-day work-week? Click here to see how.

What do all these examples have in common? They are interesting. They create curiosity. And your readers will be directed to your web site.

So if you want more traffic, want more leads, or just want to build a huge opt-in mailing list, try creating a viral signature file.

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